12 years of R&D

Empowered by both deep industry experience and ambitions of becoming tech headliners.

2M Lines of Code

Crystal clear code enabling unique programmatic advertising features for everyone.

70 US Patents

The most advanced technologies are based on proven methods. The ones we have.

$500M+ Turnover

We know how to make profit in programmatic industry. Now we want to make it profitable for everyone.

In terms of partnership with strategic investor we are no longer in need of external funds. We have made a decision to stop the token sale. Having achieved an aspiring interest in the project from both Crypto and AdTech partners, we tend to focus on developing our product in order to bring it out to the market as soon as possible.

After BPC Launch


BPC multi-layered blockchain approach allows over 100K TX bandwidth per second.


All transactions within BPC are executed and tracked through unique smart contracts.


Empowering DApp developers to join and both add value and benefit from BPC.


Keeping huge clusters of data distributed and available instantly by request.

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What is BPC?

Blockchain Programmatic Corporation (BPC) has been established in 2017 in Silicon Valley to develop and operate the first blockchain-based programmatic advertising platform that combines the core technological solutions of any programmatic RTB service with the unique features blockchain has to add to this industry.

Our mission is to make the advertising market trustworthy and beneficial for all its participants as it was in the past. This will also return millions of small publishers and advertisers, who have been excluded from the programmatic market value chain. BPC approach is to make distribution of proceeds fair, to ensure fraud protection is reliable and secure, to eliminate all the cross-border payment obstacles and guarantee a completely new level of advertising reach.

Blockchain Demand Side Platform, BDSP

Open RTB compliant, secure campaign setup and access support, allows direct and programmable campaign generation and management.

Decentralized Data Management Platform, DDMP

Open RTB compliant, fulfills audience and content categorization, audience quality score, demographics and psychographics audience segmentation. Allows secure audience data access, storing and management.

Smart contract Ad Exchange, SMARTEX

Open RTB compliant, fully functional high-volume ad exchange including the integrated header bidding enterprise server.

BPC Platform consists of 3 core advertising technologies moved to blockchain for truly distributed nature: Blockchain DSP (BDSP), Decentralized DMP (DDMP), and Smart Contract Ad Exchange (SMARTEX).

Key BPC Advantageous Features


BPC Platform sets transparency and trust as the cornerstone. Those who contribute to our fair and mutually beneficial ecosystem receive the corresponding right to use its advantages.


Due to its decentralised nature, BPC Platform ensures the unprecedented level of reliability - all the data is distributed, stored and processed through multiple independent nodes all over the world. Based on blockchain technology, it is securely protected from the efforts to compromise it in any way.


To make blockchain usage possible in appliance to programmatic RTB, BPC Platform features a multi-layered blockchain solution that enables it to efficiently process over 100.000 transactions per second.

Welcome blockchain as a brand new foundation of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising turns ad campaigns management into a fully automated process of ad campaign storing, editing and monitoring. This includes audience and content analytics, attribution of use actions, auctions and traffic transactions. Blockchain is the perfect suit for such types of transactions.

There are over 50B heterogeneous ad impressions transactions served programmatically every day. In less than 120ms each transaction has to go through a complicated process of discovery, auctioning, attribution and verification amongst thousands of parties involved.

The intelligence of programmatic advertising is complex and regrettably somewhat intransparent and fraud-vulnerable. That is why many major advertisers and publishers choose to quit open marketplaces and create their own, where they can set peer-to-peer deals with trusted counterparts based on their own rules. This leads to open marketplaces shutdown, excluding many smaller advertisers and publishers from this lucrative value chain.

Blockchain Programmatic Corporation is here to bring open marketplaces back to everyone. Blockchain is the perfect solution to the most obnoxious programmatic advertising problems. It is a “trust machine” by its nature. Blockchain makes data storage and transfer more transparent, efficient and simple. By providing a bulletproof way to store and share audience and transaction data, it can address the structural challenges within the digital advertising industry including fraud, false attribution, audience data protection and overwhelming role of middlemen.

BPC will introduce a special token to be used a a unified method of proceeding auctions, deals and contract creation with no linkage to geolocation and locally specific business requirements.

BPC Advantages

BPC Platform allows authorized partners (agencies, freelancers) to serve customers with real-time campaign creation, management and real-time bidding arbitrage. Publishers add their ad inventory on the platform for maximum yield and transparency. Key benefits through the blockchain include:

  • Integration of smaller publishers and advertisers into the advertising trade due to use of smart contracts for ad exchange management, adding up to $20B/year into the market
  • Fair distribution of proceeds from advertisers to publishers (currently publisher gets less than 20% of what advertiser spends)
  • Easy cross-border transactions through the use of BPC token as the payment instrument
  • Transparent quality control and fraud protection through self-sustaining consensus-based curation


  • What does Blockchain Programmatic Corporation do?

    Blockchain Programmatic Corporation (BPC) is building the next generation programmatic advertising platform. The company’s mission is to provide advertisers and publishers with an unprecedented level of security and trust by developing a new blockchain foundation technology to support the programmatic advertising business (DSP, DMP, and SSP).

    What is the advantage of blockchain based programmatic ad transactions?

    Blockchain will guarantee advertisers and publishers:

    • security of auctions
    • security of audience information data
    • transparency of contracts
    • transparency of traffic and immediately access to unified blacklist of all fraudulent user ID
    • lowest operation cost

    Who are the customers of blockchain programmatic platform?

    Programmatic trading has undergone a shift from open marketplaces to the private ones. Private marketplaces protect advertisers from fraudulent traffic, provide better confidentiality for all participants, and minimize middleman involvement. At the same time this trend negatively affects thousands of small advertisers and publishers which cannot afford the high costs of participating in or operating a private marketplace. We develop a platform that will create a next generation marketplace that would protect all participant from fraudulent traffic, low visibility deals, and spam ads and at the same time will have no barrier of entry for anyone who would accept principles of transparency, no-fraud, and trust. Thousands of small and medium sized advertisers and publishers will return back to the programmatic market when BPC platform is released.

    Would premium publishers and ad agency benefit from blockchain programmatic?

    Premium publishers and agency would benefit greatly by having an alternative to the Google/Facebook duopoly. The new BPC platform offers them a way to regain control over their inventories and campaigns respectively. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain paradigm are maturing and becoming trusted platforms. In turn, we fully expect premium publishers and agencies to embrace this revolutionary advancement in conducting programmatic trading.

  • What is programmatic advertising?

    Programmatic advertising is a set of technologies, platforms, and services that allows for algorithmic (computational) placement of advertisement into digital media properties.

    How big is the programmatic advertising industry?

    Programmatic is very big and continues to grow. According to the MAGNA (www.magnaglobal.com) programmatic advertising is the largest and fastest growing segment of $178B/year digital ad market. In the US, programmatic advertising covers over 70% of digital ad market and estimated at $27B market in 2017.

    Why does programmatic trading need a new blockchain-based platform?

    Numerous technical and business problems precipitated the fast decline of open marketplaces and resulted in its replacement by private marketplaces. The fundamental issue was chaos from multitude of platforms, myriad offerings, loss of auction transparency, lack of trust between advertisers and publishers, and proliferation of low quality traffic that was difficult to trace, remove, and contain.

    Blockchain based platforms provide transparent ledgers and trusted smart contracts. These core attributes perfectly dovetail the industry’s need for clean traffic, audience data protection, and transparent transactions.

  • What is a structure of BPC?

    Blockchain Programmatic platform consists of three major modules:

    • blockchain-based demand side platform (BDSP)
    • decentralized data management platform (DDMP)
    • blockchain and smart contract-based ad exchange (SMARTEX)

    Blockchain technology is slow. How would BPC support RTB operation?

    BPC will implement the patented multi-layered blockchain approach. It allows processing hundreds of thousands of transactions each second which is by far enough for efficient RTB platform functioning. You can find out more about this approach in BPC Technology Whitepaper.

    What is Major Functionalities of BPC?

    BPC supports all major programmatic platforms: DSP, DMP and Ad Exchange. It also supports blockchain smart contracts, and implements the CPM token designed to access and operate at BPC platform.

    What is Blockchain Programmatic DSP?

    Blockchain demand side platform (DSP) is a set of technologies, reports, protocols, and UI allowing advertiser or 3rd party DSP to define, set, and manage multiple ad campaigns of any complexity and enable them to participate in ad exchange auctions in real-time.

    What is Blockchain Programmatic DMP?

    Decentralized data management platform (DDMP) allows advertisers and publishers to find and manage audience analytic information to support bidding decision in ad exchange auctions. Blockchain DMP is designed as peer-to-peer platform, where each node can be personal computers, cloud or proprietary hosted servers. All analytics data as well as access history logs are stored at DDMP P2P encrypted decentralized database shared by all platforms inside BPC.

    What is Blockchain Programmatic Ad Exchange?

    Blockchain Programmatic Ad Exchange (SMARTEX) is designed to provide secure and transparent auction marketplace for advertisers and publishers. The main concept behind SMARTEX is a smart contract defined in blockchain paradigm as a unique mechanism of shake hands in business transactions. SMARTEX is a peer-to-peer platform where each bid and supply is visible and traceable by all auction participants.

    How would BPC and blockchain technology improve open market traffic quality?

    The traffic quality verification is an Achilles heel of an open programmatic marketplace. Historically traffic feeds were defined in formats that allow easy substitution of real information with fake one. The luck of security and difficulty to trace original sources resulted in proliferation or low quality (frequently called as fraudulent) traffic that “counterfeiting” brand traffic by generation of ref. urls, browser and mobile device IDs, insertion a fake search data, fake destination url, etc. The competition without necessary technology ended with low transparency for everyone and the same fraudulent traffic hit marketplaces over and over again. Open programmatic marketplace ended up to be so dangerable to everyone that major advertisers and publishers started to build their own private alternatives.

    Blockchain technology has a potential cure for traffic quality “disease”. Several competing companies are building solutions for programmatic traffic using blockchain technology

    BPC is building their own solution too. In our approach each user ID will be encrypted by unique code that would be accessible for all market participant. Marketplace will vote on traffic quality and low quality traffic will be marked and stored in distributed crypto protected database. Everyone will have an access to the traffic quality data at any time. Blockchain technology will make impossible to fake new IDs and substitute quality rank with a new one. Considering huge volume of daily transaction the giant crypto protected blacklist of low quality IDs will be created. the problem will be solved and blockchain open market will replace private markets as a next step of evolution.

    How would BPC provide audience data security and transparency?

    BPC will use its DDMP platform to manage audience analytics. DDMP will automatically generate audience analytics by processing auction protocols and transactions. It also would allow to use third party analytics data as a separated services. BPC audience analytics data will be encrypted and stored at audience data at hybrid cloud datacenter. Access and manipulation with audience data will be implemented by smart contracts between data owners and data recipients. Each BPC user will have an access to audience data overview and capability to access it using CPM tokens.

  • Does BPC team have an experience in programmatic advertising and blockchain implementation?

    Yes, BPC team is a group of programmatic advertising experts with over 12 years market experience and blockchain development. The founding team has an experience of building solutions for SunLab, Nvidia, Intel, AOL, Next DIgital, Demand Media, Ask, Miva, Marchex, etc. We build, certified, and served DSP, DMP, and SSP (Ad Exchange) platform. We collectively hold over 80 US patents including 4 core patents in advertisement and blockchain.

  • What is BPC roadmap?

    • Start of blockchain development (Nov 2017)
    • Programmatic Platform Acquisition (Nov 2017)
    • Prototype release (Dec, 2017 - Jan, 2018)
    • First paying customers acquisitions (Jan, 2018)
    • Beta release (Apr, 2018)
    • Blockchain migration, mining support release (Jul, 2018)
    • Commercial release (Sep 2018)

Roadmap of BPC


Start of blockchain development

Nov 2017


Programmatic Platform Acquisition

Dec 2017


Prototype release

Dec, 2017 - Jan, 2018


Beta release

Apr, 2018


Blockchain migration, mining support release

Jul, 2018


Commercial release

Sep, 2018

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